Data Preparation

For companies that need to use their spatial data with Esri software Data East offers a full range of data preparation services.

  • Map scanning and vectorization
  • Converting data to and from a wide variety of GIS-formats
  • Comprehensive spatial modeling and analysis
  • Creation of spatial databases and data sets ready for use with such Esri produts as ArcIMS Route Server extension, BusinessMAP, ArcGIS Business Analyst extension, and ArcGIS StreetMap extensions

Data East is taking active part in developing and supporting data standards and technologies used by Esri, Inc. As a developer of DDK Pro (Data Development Kit) software Data East is one of the few companies in the world being able and authorized by Esri, Inc. to prepare comprehensive datasets for use with Esri products.

Data preparation is based on Esri SDC data format that implies spatial data compression, efficient usage of spatial and attribute indexes, and enables routing and geocoding functionality.

Esri SDC format features:

  • High efficiency of data compression - average compression ratio is about 10-15 comparing to shapefiles
  • Lossless compression
  • High speed of data access and retrieval due to block structure
  • Data security and protection - SDC is a read-only format - no one can modify your data
  • Support for the widest range of attribute and vector spatial data
  • Effective spatial and attribute indexing
  • SDC is supported in ArcGIS desktop starting from version 8.2

We follow industrial GIS standards in our activity. Provided solutions and technologies are based on the full range of professional Esri software products and powered by high level experienced staff.

Migration technology

Data East can help your company transfer your data and applications from legacy systems to modern ArcGIS platform. We provide Data Migration service and Application Conversion service.

MapInfo to ArcGIS Migration Service

Who are our customers?

Companies that are using different GIS within one organization or project.
Companies that are moving their GIS projects from a legacy system to ArcGIS.

What our customers get?

An ArcMap project file that is practically identical in look and features to the original MapInfo project, a set of shapefiles and a log-file, which contains the information about the data transfer process including a list of non-transferred characteristics of a source project. �e������� �e�e����

Migration technology

ArcGIS and MapInfo software products have some fundamental differences that affect the process of data transfer, hence it is not always possible to completely automate the converting process. Proposed technology efficiently solves the data transfer problem.

  • Extracting required information from MapInfo project files and its object model and saving this information in XML file
  • All necessary data from MapInfo project files and its object model is extracted and saved to an XML file
  • MapInfo tables (TAB) are exported to ArcGIS shapefile format (SHP)
  • Extracted data is converted into ArcGIS ArcMap project file

Advantages of the proposed service

  • Existing solutions concentrate on data transfer leaving out the supporting and ancillary information, so the resulting project requires additional editing.
  • Our solution requires no further processing - the final project can be used instantly.
  • Data East MapInfo to ArcGIS Migration Service is the most allows retention of information about coordinate system while exporting MapInfo tables into ArcGIS data.
  • The XML file that is obtained in the process of data transfer can be used for the further project processing.

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