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Our company provides high quality GIS Development and Geodata Processing services for customers around the world.

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Core ArcGIS software for Esri, Inc

Unique blend of scientific ingenuity and business expertise allows Data East and Esri to be on the forefront of today's GIS industry.

Below is a brief description of the software developed and supported by Data East for Esri, Inc:

Business Analyst Product Suite

  • Web-based, desktop, and server applications that bring geography and business intelligence together
  • Revealing geographic patterns enable better decision making
  • Incorporating geolocation into analyzing business, demographic, and consumer spending data

Esri Production Mapping (formerly PLTS) for ArcGIS

  • Producing spatial data and maps according to industry-specific production requirements
  • Streamlining data creation and maintenance - in-process, rule-based QC, auto data validation
  • Producing high-quality, high-volume map products and automating map book and atlas creation

Data Compression and Security technologies

  • Licensing and Secure Feature Layer allows for safe and effective data management in Esri products
  • Data management and protection is one of the strongest sides of our own products, such as DataEast CarryMap

Specialized GIS

  • Zoo Nsk – a free application for Novosibirsk zoo, one of the three biggest zoos in Russia. The application is available for Apple iOS and Android OS devices. With Zoo Nsk you can track your current location, find your favorite animals, see their description with photo, plan your own zoo visit route, as well as get detailed information about all attractions, cafes, and other services provided on site.
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  • DoubleGIS – electronic city guide for several large Russian cities. Data East developed the client software and the internal GIS for uploading data
  • Forester UK – ArcGIS based solution used for land management, forecasting, and automatic reporting with maps and schemes. The key feature of Forester is a multi-user data access and editing support
  • Cadastre and Municipal Solutions Suite (Norway)
  • Municipal Incident Manager System - Mobile Novosibirsk for Novosibirsk City hall (Russia) - a complex software solution for Apple and Android devices aimed at capturing and processing messages reporting about incidents arisen in the city (region, country). This mobile application is based on the incident manager system modules provided for managing work of municipal services. With Mobile Novosibirsk you can send a message reporting about any problem related to work of municipal services in your city.
  • KadastrRU for Data+ (Russia) - free application for Apple iOS and Android devices, provided for getting actual information about any allotment registered within the territory of Russia. With KadastrRU you can find out the allotment area, its cadastral value and land use category, the authorized types of land use, as well as contact details of the correspondent territorial administrative bodies.

Custom modules for ArcGIS

  • Business Analyst Norway for Geodata AS. Data East has adapted the Business Analyst suite for use with national data formats which allowed Geodata AS to use this powerful software suite to provide business intelligence services to Norwegian companies and government.
  • WellTracking for TNK-BP oil company is an ArcGIS-based solution for effective management and visualization of 3D spatial well drilling data on a corporate level develped for one of world's larges oil companies. WellTracking automates all spatial data management processes related to the life-cycle of the well allowing monitoring and controlling all stages of the drilling process to increase efficiency, eliminate various risks, and provide company management with a full actual picture of drilling sites in all supported business units. Read more about DataEast WellTracking...
  • Map Library for TNK-BP Oil Company is an online intranet map archive with advanced search capabilities and map preview. It allowed TNK to increase the speed and efficiency of working with maps, reduced the number of personnel mistakes, and ensured the accuracy of the stored data.
  • Atlas for TNK-BP Oil Company is a comprehensive solution for managing all the geodata in the company - from land usage and cadastre to drilling spatial data. All the data is consolidated, cross-referenced, and ready for use or editing. This is a modular system that can be easily modified and fine-tuned for use with different data bases and data sets.
  • Data base management system for ALROSA Diamond Company allowed ALROSA to consolidate the geodata collected by various company departments - from aeromagnetic research to geological expeditions - and to increase the efficiency of survey activities.

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