Migration to ArcGIS

ArcView 3.x to ArcGIS Conversion

ArcView conversion service is a special service that helps ArcView 3.x users convert their extensions or scripts for use with the ArcGIS system.

ArcGIS, unlike ArcView 3.x, uses Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as the default script language. Avenue - the internal ArcView 3.x scripting language uses its own object model. ArcGIS replaces this with VBA and a new object model called "ArcObjects" (based on Microsoft COM technology). This means all extensions and scripts developed for the ArcView 3.x system must be converted to VB and "ArcObjects" before they can be used with new Esri software.

Our experienced professional team can rewrite ArcView 3.x scripts quickly and with highest quality. Upon completion of your project we provide full and documented source code. Upon request we also provide script support services.

We have extensive experience in converting Avenue extensions and scripts to VBA. Here are some of our most popular ArcGIS extensions conversted from ArcView 3.x scripts.

  • XTools Pro is a package of tools useful in vector spatial analysis. Included are various overlay, shape conversion, table tools plus the new and powerful Enhanced Shapefile Creator detailed below.
  • Enhanced Shapefile Creator for ArcMap builds new custom Shapefiles by enabling editing of fields collection and changing of the default projection (coordinate system).
  • Image Georeferencing Tools extension contains useful tools for image layer processing. Rotating, shifting and resizing of images can be accomplished more precisely and more efficiently than with the new version of ArcGIS.
  • Avenue Dialog Converter helps to automate the process of user interface migration by converting Avenue dialog extensions to Visual Basic.
  • Geography Network Connector enables users to create layers based on ArcIMS data downloaded from the Web. As an example, it is possible to download spatial data as Shapefiles from Esri's Geography Network and add them to the current map as layers without referencing ArcIMS.

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