TAB Reader - plug-in for ArcGIS

  • Do you have spatial data in MapInfo format?
  • Do you need to convert your MapInfo layers and maps to ArcGIS with maximum retention of layers, native symbology properties and other additional information?

Data East represents its input to ArcGIS interoperability capabilities - TAB Reader for ArcGIS!

TAB Reader is an ArcGIS Plug-in Data Source allowing direct reading of MapInfo TAB and MIF/MID files in ArcGIS preserving the existing native TAB rendering, symbology properties and information about coordinate system (spatial reference).

TAB Reader provides tools for importing TAB files to ArcGIS, converting MapInfo workspaces (.wor) to ArcGIS map documents and group layers (.mxd/.lyr), and exporting data from ArcGIS to TAB format.