About Data East

Data East, LLC has capabilities in creating innovative systems based on Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Database Management Systems. Data East team plays a significant role in developing and supporting a number of Esri key products and technologies (Business Analyst Product Suite, Secure Feature Layer, Production Mapping, etc.). To create such products we study the business logics and processes of Esri clients and find the most efficient way to solve their problems.

The application of our programming capabilities has resulted in innovative solutions including new ArcView 3.x to ArcGIS 9.x scripts migration technology. Since 2001 our company successfully converted a number of scripts for our clients, as well as popular extensions for ArcGIS including XTools Pro.

Data East, LLC provides its customers with highly professional services in software development and GIS implementation and customization. Since 1997 GIS group of a company served as a GIS provider and engineer for several local and international agencies and companies.

Data East provides a full set of digital spatial data creation, development and processing services. It includes all and any known industrial technological chains: from digitizing to spatial processing, modeling and end-user database development.

Technology solutions that we provide, elaborating our software, are both advanced in performance and secure, inventively implemented and adjusted. Data East offers extensive development experience in:

  • Solutions for spatial data processing and analysis
  • Desktop mapping
  • Internet mapping
  • Data preparation service (SDC)
  • Wireless solutions
  • Handheld PC software
  • Custom software development
  • Code migration services
  • GIS software development
  • Conversion to ArcGIS service

To find out more about services of Data East, LLC
contact us by e-mail at support@dataeast.com