Security Manager for SDE

Assignment of the user privileges is one of the critical parts of security control in any system. It can be controlled in many ways depending on a tool. The ArcGIS tools provided to control the geodatabase user and roles permissions on tables and feature classes are far from being perfect.

The main disadvantages of the existing ArcGIS tools are unfriendly interface and low operation speed, especially while processing the large amounts of data. Moreover an option to control users and roles relationship is not supported in ArcGIS, so the DBMS manager system is used to perform this operation.

In order to solve these problems Security Manager for SDE has been developed by Data East. Security Manager for SDE is a standalone application provided for powerful and easy management of the geodatabase users and roles permissions on tables and feature classes at the DBMS level.

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WellTracking System

The proper results of the exploration, design and survey works critically depend on the accuracy of data related to spatial positioning of wells, so data validity and relevance are of high priority and importance. The need of the development of hard-to-recover oil fields considering the high density of existent wells demands the most accurate and precise wellbore positioning.

Until recently there was no software providing the business processes automation for the whole life cycle of the well with unified databank containing all the relevant spatial data. Every company had to find its own solution to solve this task. Some had all the data and calculations in MS Excel, some were developing proprietary software, but each and every company had met with more or less the same problems stemming from the lack of industrial standard as well as the impact of human factor.

In order to solve these problems TNK-BP and Data East developed WellTracking System based on Esri technology. The core of the system is WellTracking extension - a versatile GIS provided for managing spatial well drilling data on a corporate level. The other components of the WellTracking System are ArcGIS 9.2 and above, ArcSDE, the replication module, and the versatile integration module WellTracking Interoperability Service.

WellTracking System provides solutions for three major data management problems:

  • gathering, editing, and storing coordinate data in local or regional databases with the help of ergonomic software toolkit;
  • transferring spatial data from regional databases to a centralized corporate spatial data storage with the help of the replication technology;
  • data exchange and interoperability with the existing TNK-BP Holding corporate data systems using the Interoperability Service module.

WellTracking System is provided to automate the work of the survey and geological services, related to managing the geodatabases using ArcGIS capabilities, i.e. inputting spatial well data from various sources, its further processing, analysis, and storage. WellTracking System uses data in ArcGIS formats, SDE database layers and text data. WellTracking System allows exchanging data obtained from different data sources both within one specified production unit and within the whole company.

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