Press releases


Data East exhibits at Esri UC in San Diego

July 20, 2015

Data East introduces its GIS software products and development services at Esri International User Conference in San Diego (July 20 - 24, 2015).

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XTools Pro 11.1 with ArcMap 10.3 compatibility to be released in Jan 2015

December 15, 2014

Many of you were asking for that and we listened. New XTools Pro 11.1, aside from ArcMap 10.3 compatibility and other updates, will support rasters, group layers and multiple selected layers in Layer Properties Dockable Window.

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Pocket zoo for Android devices now available!

October 30, 2014

Data East is pleased to announce the English-language release of Zoo Nsk - a free application for the Novosibirsk zoo, one of the three biggest zoos in Russia. Currently the application is available for Android devices only, but in early November 2014 it will be released for Apple iOS smart phones and tablets as well. With Zoo Nsk you can track your current location and plan your own zoo visit route. The English-language app is the localized Russian version for Apple and Android devices (called Зоопарк Нск in Russian) released in June 2014.

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Novosibirsk travelers and innovators at Kon-Tiki Fest in Novosibirsk Academpark

October 3, 2014

Data East took an active part in organizing Kon-Tiki Fest – a festival for travelers and innovators, which starts on October 6, 2014, the day of the 100th birthday of Thor Heyerdahl.

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Data East represented new XTools Pro 10.0 in San Diego

July 9, 2013

Data East - a leading Russian company providing GIS software development, engineering, and consulting services announced a new XTools Pro 10.0 release. The 10.0 version was introduced at Esri International User Conference in San Diego (July 8 - 12, 2013).

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American scientist has used CarryMap to create electronic map of the Louisiana hurricane Isaac flood happened in August 2012

March 19, 2013

Scott J. Owens, Geospatial Analyst for the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute has used CarryMap to create a map demonstrating the scale of the Isaac hurricane aftermath in Louisiana in August 2012. CarryMap is a unique solution for reproducing ArcGIS maps as self sufficient distributable electronic map applications for desktop computers, Windows mobile, Apple iOS, and Android devices.

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Guided tour to Data East

February 25, 2013

Data East arranged a field trip to the Data East's main office for schoolchildren taking part at the School IT-workshop. The idea of this tour was to introduce the company and its employees in a more informal way and to live demonstrate the geoinformation technologies and services applied in different industries.

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Schoolchildren take a shot at IT area

February 7, 2013

10th of February is the opening day of the School IT workshop arranged for upper schoolchildren at Gornostay Upper secondary school in Novosibirsk. During this workshop they will get a chance to work at Data East as software developers, to implement their own projects and to be even paid for it.

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DATA+ and Data East: pocket cadastre for Android

January 22, 2013

DATA+ - Russian vendor of GIS technologies and solutions, and Data East announce the release of KadastrRU - an application for Android mobile devices and tablet computers.

With KadastrRU you can easily access the public database of State immovable property cadastre of Russian federation. This application can be downloaded for free at the Google Play market and used by a wide range of customers - real estate agents, notary officers, cadastral engineers, state employees and businessmen, as well as any other person planning to buy or sell immovable property or to find out the information about the land property.

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